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Stay Connected

With so many ways to get involved and engage with campus, Penn State makes it easy to stay connected. Below is a list of available smart phone apps (available in both the Apple Store and the Google Play store) that we recommend you downloading. Many of these apps also have online, web-based counterparts as well.

Looking for a way to remain phsyically active and healthy? Campus Rec is always offering up something fun. From group exercise classes to the climbing wall and everything in between, the Penn State Campus Recreation app is your go-to location for all things Campus Rec.

OrgCentral is the online hub for student organizations here at Penn State; Corq is its mobile app counterpart. Through the Corq app, you’ll be able to search upcoming campus events, RSVP and add them to your schedule, and access your unique Event Pass QR code that will provide you access to many of the on-campus events. To get your personalized Event Pass, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Corq app from your phone's app store
  2. Open the app to search for, and select “Penn State University Park”
  3. Click “Sign in for Exclusive Campus Features"
  4. Log in using your Penn State User ID Password
  5. Click the red back button to return to the home screen
  6. Select “Event Pass” to locate your personalized event pass. Consider adding it to your phone’s wallet

If you use an iPhone and encounter an “Unknown Error” screen when logging in, check your iPhone for the latest iOS system updates.

No smart phone? Many of these functions, including accessing your Event Pass, are also available at

Penn State Go is the official all-in-one app for Penn State. Penn State Go gives you single sign-on access to popular features such as LionPATH, Canvas, your Penn State email, campus maps, and more. Through the app you can track the live location of campus buses (CATA) and submit your mobile order of food for easy pick up at on-campus dining locations.

The campus map can be accessed directly from the Penn State Go app and has options to receive walking directions between various locations on campus!

In addition to the above apps, the best way to stay in the loop is by regularly checking your Penn State email address. Not only is this how many of the welcome programs are shared with new students, but it is also the official mode of communication for the university as a whole. Important information will be sent to your email address ( on a daily basis, so it's important to always have your inbox on hand.