Welcome Week

Welcome Programs is our portfolio of events to welcome new and returning students to University Park at the start of each spring, summer, and fall semester. These events are hosted by offices and departments across campus and range from social events like movie nights and ice skating to educational and academic events like college meetings and resource fairs. The programming is optional, but all students are encouraged to take part in any event that piques their interest. Each of the programs is designed to help students:

  • Learn to navigate campus
  • Gain a sense of belonging here at Penn State University Park
  • Discover academic and co-curricular engagement opportunities
  • Meet new and returning students and make new friends

Welcome Programs is made up of three separate programs: Spring Welcome, Summer Welcome, and Fall Welcome. You may hear students, faculty, and staff refer to these events in a number of ways (Welcome Week, Welcome Programs, Spring/Summer/Fall Welcome, etc.), but all of these terms refer to the events at the start of the semester.

The Welcome Programs Planning Committee is led by Student Orientation and Transition Programs (SOTP) and has representation from Residence Life, Office for Summer Session, Penn State Global, the Penn State Parents Program, Campus Recreation, Student Leadership and Involvement, and Student Affairs.

Each of our Welcome Programs offers something a little different. To learn more about our upcoming welcomes, visit the links below:

If you are a current student looking to get involved in Welcome Programs, visit our Current Students webpage.


Feel free to reach out to use at welcome@psu.edu. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!